Labor and Delivery RN

Wayne County, Georgia

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse since I was 10 years old. I was fascinated with the pregnancy and birth process. The fact that I am able to see it just about every single day is a dream come true. Though this field of nursing can predominantly be joyous and sunshine-filled, it can be tragic as well. There have been experiences that have made me wonder if I am cut out for this. Or if I am able to live up to the standard of being the nurse I always hoped to be for my patients. Can I be someone to lean on? Can I be a shoulder to cry on? Can I be the person who is there through it all, during their biggest, fearful moments of their lives?

Through the tragedies and vulnerable moments, I have found that I am most always able to find the beauty. I feel honored that I am able to endure alongside my patients. The bond that is built with them through labors and births is what continues to drive my soul.

A mama’s hand is held as she pushes to deliver her baby. She found out just that morning that there was no heartbeat. She says, “please stay with me” while tears stream her face. They are running my down also. The mama who trusts me and gives me permission to check her cervix. It’s hard to let her walls down for anyone else, let alone someone she has only known for mere hours. The mama who is getting taken to an emergency C-section, terrified, looking for reassurance and asks me to pray for her. The first time mama who has had a very long, natural labor that cannot stay calm unless I sit with her and demonstrate how to breathe through every single contraction. The eye contact with the patient while I’m pushing with her. She is tuning out everyone and everything else because she wants to listen to my advice and follow my direction.

Some of my most meaningful moments in my career have been helping mamas that present in active labor. Some time after delivery, most want to get washed up but feel extremely weak. I have helped women bathe along with the help of other nurses and their support persons. There is something behind washing away the past when others are there to help you. I’ve witnessed walls come down in these moments of true vulnerability. Moms, support persons begin to cry and lead us to believe that she has never opened up to anyone like this before.

These are the moments that keep us going. To say that I am in love with what I do is a true understatement. The patients I have cared for an engraved in my memory forever.

Hi, my name is Kim & I love birth.
I have been a Registered Nurse for ten years, with the last five specializing in Labor & Delivery.
I love human connection & the art of story telling. I believe it can be a major catalyst for change.
I would love to help you share your story or advice so that we may better support each other and the people we care for. 

Do you love birth? Heck yeah you do!

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