My name is Kim and I love birth.

I am a Registered Nurse working in Labor & Delivery for the last five years. The other five years of my nursing career were spent in the Operating Room & Intensive Care Units. While I have loved all of my nursing experiences, I have really been able to pour my heart & soul into L&D.

During this time I have come to realize that this special transition time is filled with some of the most caring and unique individuals. We all live and breathe for birth. These are the stories I want to share.

I feel passionate about the art of storytelling. So much can be learned from sharing or hearing personal experiences. It can be a catalyst for change.


I help birth workers share stories from their lives, their own birth experiences or a patient/client story told through their eyes. Some people do not have the words or confidence to express these stories, and this is where I come in. I listen to you and help you express what you’ve experienced. Birth workers that have shared stories with me have described the process as being cathartic, healing and empowering.

All those who work with expecting families are invited to share their story. It can be deeply meaningful, funny, traumatic. You can be a secretary working at an office, a medical or nursing assistant, a nurse working in the nursery or labor, a doula, a midwife, an educator, or a physician. If you work with expecting families, I want to hear from you.


Did you know that we care deeply about you? From the moment we meet you, we try to create a bond that establishes trust and friendship. We kneel next to you during your moments of vulnerability and celebrate your triumphs of strength. We remember you. Are you a birther who had a birth worker significantly impact your pregnancy, labor or post partum journey? I can help you share how much your birth worker impacted your experience. Sharing this with birth workers can impact us significantly.

If you would like to share your personal story, please visit the Submit A Story page.

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