Birth Things (and beyond)

This page contains affiliate links. I (Real Life Birth Workers) will earn a commission for purchases made through some of the links below. I stand behind the products listed on this page and would not recommend them otherwise. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Willow Breast Pump

In my personal opinion, pumping is one of the most difficult aspects of breastfeeding. My first son had a cleft lip and palate. After attempting to breastfeed him for the first month of his life, I had to switch to pumping exclusively because he was burning more calories trying to breastfeed than he was taking in. With pumping I was able to continue giving my son breastmilk up until his second surgery, around his 1st birthday. Willow makes pumping easier and able to accomplish while on the go.

Dock A Tot

I used Dock A Tot Deluxe and Grand with my second son. When I would place him in it on his back he was nested and calm. It was helpful for traveling because it was familiar to him. I do not recommend Dock A Tot for co-sleeping, please follow the safety guidelines on the tag or website.

Spinning Babies

It all starts here. Spinning Babies is a wonderful website with information, classes and products to assist with comfort in pregnancy and labor. I have used it for myself for comfort and with persons I am laboring to progress labor.

Solly Baby

I carried both of my boys in Solly Baby wraps and I cannot say enough positive things about them. Comfortable, soft, easy to use. I wore them all the time. They make the most wonderful swaddles as well.