Epidural or unmedicated VBAC. What’s best?

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We are Julie Francom and Meagan Heaton. We are birth doulas who specialize in VBAC. Between the two of us we have supported over 700 parents in their VBAC journeys, have had three HBAC’s, and one VBA2C. We get you!

If you want to have a VBAC, do you need to have an epidural? Does a VBAC with epidural raise your risk of a repeat C-section? Is it true that you have to have an epidural in order to VBAC? 

Many of our doula clients and VBAC community members have told us their provider said they could only TOLAC/VBAC if they have a “just in case” epidural. And that people have told them if they want a VBAC they have to go unmedicated. 

If you have ever been told these things, you have come to the right place. This article brings together all the research on VBAC and epidural, including whether it’s safe and how it affects VBAC success rates. You’ll also find lots of information on what it’s like to have a VBAC with and without an epidural, so you can make an informed decision with your provider.

To read more on VBAC and Epidurals check out the link below 

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